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Repair Services

Repair - Refurbish - Return

There is never a good time for an instrument to 'go down' - even if it's not critical to the plant operation it still needs to be replaced and back on line as quickly as possible.

Having a spare on standby is one solution - expensive but instantaneous.

Buying 'new' as and when required is another solution, but that too can be expensive and the lead time prolonged.

More often than not it is quicker and more economical to have it repaired, refurbished and returned.

This is another service Envogen offer their clients:

Our team of trained technicians and a dedicated repair workshop can handle most jobs in less time than it takes a manufacturer to process an order. We can then recalibrate the instrument prior to its return and all our work comes with a full year's warranty. We even have our own transport to ensure the instrument is returned to you undamaged.

An increasingly important part of our service is the repair work carried out on old or obsolete equipment no longer supported by the OEM and where parts are not immediately available. We have access to a vast range of spares from a wide variety of sources and a flexible manufacturing facility 'in house' which means we can often accept instrumentation that the manufacturer tells you is no longer supportable.

We have experience working to the specifications of many different industry standards, petro-chem, food, pharmaceutical etc.

The following list is a sample of the types of instrumentation we have the facilities to handle:

  • Filled Systems - barrier seals, diaphragm seals, stainless and exotic
  • Temperature - gauges, controllers, transmitters, recorders, calibrators
  • Pressure - gauges, controllers, transmitters, recorders, calibrators
  • Flow Meters - invasive and non invasive
  • Density Meters
  • Pneumatic Controllers
  • Weigh Systems
  • Level - Radar, pressure cell, capacitance
  • Ph Meters
  • Moisture Meters
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Recording Systems
  • Integrators
  • Valves and valve controllers
  • Electronic Test equipment

We would be happy to discuss your own unique requirements with you.